About Michelle
 A Unique Perspective
Michelle spent 12 years working for the National Park Service during which time she worked as a Law Enforcement Officer, Biological Science Technician, and Interpreter.  She created two award winning films  while working for the NPS, and worked as part of a Law Enforcement team that received special recognition from Senator Johnny Isakson for their work with community partners.  Michelle's work has taken her across the country, and she has given talks and interviews for the BBC and local news outlets.  Michelle's work as a Law Enforcement Officer and Clergy gives her a unique perspective on Police/Public Interactions.  
to connect underserved populations to the environment.  She also worked at the United Nations as an Advisor to the Federated States of Micronesia and traveled with a delegation to Saudi Arabia to engage in Christian and Muslim dialogues.  Michelle is part of the Green County Interfaith Association, and has participated in Christian and Muslim dialogues with the Islamic Association of Hartford, and the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition. 
Michelle Estelle Lewis is the Senior Pastor of New Rochelle United Methodist Church in New Rochelle, NY.  Michelle holds joint master's degrees from Yale Divinity School, and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  She is the first woman of color to complete the joint degree program in religion and ecology. While at Yale Michelle spent time researching the best ways